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新會員首購優惠 😆 港澳地區滿NT$999即享免運!

港澳粉絲消費滿 NT$1500 | 新加坡粉絲消費滿 NT$1900 即享免運 🚚

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What are the differences among various membership levels?

Why am I not upgraded to the next tier after reaching the Gold / Platinum goal?

How can I obtain and apply promo codes?

How do I apply the store credits?

When will I receive birthday credits?

When will I receive upgrade rewards when leveling up to the next tier?

When will I receive renewal rewards if I have successfully renewed my current membership level?

Is it possible to not apply store credits during the purchase process?

How do I know the amount of store credits in my account?

Will the store credit be refunded when a transaction is cancelled?

When will the store credits expire?