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Return Policy

Instructions for Return and Exchange

According to the provisions of the Taiwan Consumer Protection Law, online shopping consumers are entitled to a seven-day appreciation period (decision period) when goods arrive. If you have doubts about the received goods, please keep the received goods and details properly, and return or exchange the goods in the following ways: 


No return or exchange in case of the following

1. Appreciation period of more than 7 days (decision period), calculated from the next day of receipt of goods, including regular holidays.

2. All commodities must be kept brand new, and if there is any unpacking or shortage, no return or exchange will be accepted.

3. Commodities are damaged due to the way consumers save and use, and no returns will be accepted.

4. Personal hygiene products that have been unsealed are not applicable to the return policy.


Return and exchange instructions

 Please keep all products to our FACEBOOK or Line @ online customer service, online customer service will assist you to do the relevant after-sales process.

Return flow chart

Refund instructions

1.If you use credit card for payment, the returned goods will be refunded online after the staff confirms the quantity of the goods and make sure the return requirements. The actual crediting date of the refund will vary according to the crediting date of each bank. Please check with the bank to confirm the actual crediting date.

2.If you pay by other methods, you must provide the correct remittance account in order to complete the refund process.

3.After confirming that our return policy and the information is confirmed correctly, we will refund the money to the account provided by you within 7-14 working days.

4.If the order uses coupons or credits, the refund will be deducted from the original coupons or credits, and the actual amount paid will be returned.